"I am thrilled with the white/mahogany Chelsea urn we ordered. It's honestly really good quality, very under the radar for an urn, my friends didn't know it was an urn until I told them, and it's made in America so in Rose's last act, she's doing some good! Definitely shop from Loyal. I just wish I lived in California so I could've used them for her cremation. If their service for my purchase was any indication, I'm guessing the cremation service is top notch." -Ray D., Augusta, GA

"I couldn't be happier with the quick online process to purchase an urn for my baby and was so pleased with the quality." - Jane M., Exeter, NH

"I'm just so relieved we found Loyal to use for our sweet pea's cremation. I was so stressed about what we were going to do since she was so sick I just couldn't bare to see her have to be put in our car and take her to the vet where she hated to go. Loyal was fantastic when they came to our home and made me feel so at ease with the process. This is my first time going through this so I don't know what to compare it to but I just can't imagine more caring people. We got the ashes back today in the beautiful urn with paws we bought. I'm so happy with her new little spot in our kitchen." - Raychel, L., Bakersfield, CA

"I was so nervous about what to get for our 14 year old lab who passed away suddenly and the selection and quality here was so much better than anywhere else. We decided to go with the Chelsea Vase Urn which turned out to be stunning and perfect for Daisy. It brings me so much joy to see the urn on our coffee table with some fresh flowers." - Stacey T., Orinda, CA

"We purchased two different urns with Loyal since we were torn between The Gusti Urn and the Hartwell Urns - and ended up buying both! They're both great quality and allow us to divide up the ashes between us and our kids who are no longer at home, but grew up with Max. We'll definitely be coming back, but hopefully not for awhile!" - Diana G., Pasadena, CA

"I'm so glad we purchased through Loyal. Their staff is so caring and patient. I cannot recommend them enough for cremation or for their urns, you pretty much can't go wrong." - David R., Berkeley, CA