Pet Owners

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Our Process
  • Pick-Up and Transportation: We are able to have one of our trusted vets visit with your pet in the comfort of your home if he or she is still living. Our vet will charge a reasonable check-up fee or if necessary, a euthanasia fee. Home pickup of your pet is included in this package. If your pet has already passed, we can come to your home immediately or at our next available pickup time (we're available every day, any time). We can also pick up any pet toys, beds, and other items you have and donate them to a Northern California animal shelter.
  • A Private Cremation: We welcome each pet into our state of the art crematory and they will be in our care for one week in order for the whole process to be completed efficiently, yet carefully. We use a process called water-based cremation for your loved one. Water-based cremation emits zero carbon and therefore is not only extremely safe, but also a lasting gift you can make to the environment. If you would prefer flame based cremation, we are able to do a traditional cremation as well. Private cremation means that your pet will never be cremated with any other animals. You can rest assured that the ashes you receive back are 100% your loved ones. We also offer witness cremation, upon request, for an additional fee of $95. This covers the cost of additional staff to handle your visit to the crematory in order for you and your family to say a final goodbye to your loved one.
  • Return of Your Pet's Ashes: Following the cremation, we will return your pet's ashes to your place of residence, office, or another convenient location in one of our complimentary urns. We can also mail your pet's ashes to anywhere in the United States. There is no additional fee for either method of delivery.
  • $25 Credit: This package also includes a $25 credit that can be used towards any of our products online. If you choose to use this credit in advance of your pet's cremation, we are able to transfer your loved one's ashes into your selected urn, memorial, jewelry, or keepsake, and deliver these purchases to your home. If you select a product that cannot accommodate all of your pet's ashes, we will return the remaining ashes in one of our complimentary urns. Please think of this as a bonus we give for using us for your loved one's cremation, that being said, we don't offer a $25 discount if you choose to not purchase anything. This is our gift to you.
  • To purchase your cremation package now, click here. You are able to purchase your cremation well in advance of your pet's passing, if you would prefer to take care of everything in advance. 

  • We handle all types of pets. Just use your pet's pre-cremation weight to determine your package price and select that weight above.

  • You and your family rest easy knowing your loved one is back home and at any point they are able to purchase memorial items or experiences from Loyal. We want you to take your time making any purchase or deciding a purchase is not for you if that’s the case. This whole process is about resting easy and reflecting on the impact your pet has made on your family.
If at any point you need to speak to someone, our team is always here for you so please never hesitate to give us a call.
The most direct number is our CEO’s personal number at (415) 699-2203. You can also email us at