How to Memorialize Your Pet

A pet is without question a member of the family. Pets are often with us through many of our toughest moments and are always happy to see us walk in the door every day. Many families also take their pets on vacations, feed them gourmet food that costs an arm and a leg, and spoil them almost as much as they would their own children. 

We also spend nearly as much time with our pets as we do with our partners and children. With this being the case, why wouldn’t we treat our pets the same way we treat a family member when they pass? Well, more and more, that’s becoming a reality. Many families are now looking to memorialize their furry family members with incredibly high quality memorials, sometimes crafted from 14k gold, or even diamonds. 

When a pet passes away, it is important to decide first whether you want to bury your pet yourself or have your pet cremated. Cremation is often handled through your vet’s office, but could also be handled directly through a local pet crematory. 

In terms of memorials, there are a litany of different options to commemorate your pet with the same respect you would a family member or friend. Here are a few to consider;


Urns take the shape of many different styles, materials, colors, and sizes so you are guaranteed to find something that fits your pet’s size and your tastes. Be aware that not all urns are the same. Most pet crematories offer more basic urns made of wood or alloy (a combination of metals). Many of these urns can also be found on Amazon or for much cheaper. If you’re looking for higher quality urns that will be much more unique than most options for your pet, you should look online. There are some great urn options from brands like Loyal Pet Memorials or Boyce Studio or from retailers like Get Urns or Modern Memorials. 

Cremation Jewelry & Keepsakes

Cremation jewelry or small urns, often called keepsakes, are a great way to divide up ashes amongst family and/or friends or just hold onto a small amount if you are scattering the rest. Cremation jewelry has come a long way from your grandma’s old jewelry and Loyal Pet Memorials continues to push the envelope on what we expect from cremation jewelry. 


Scattering ashes is one of the most common options when you lose a pet, particularly if you don’t feel any attachment to keeping your pet’s ashes. Many families also scatter some remains in an important place and keep some as well. Doing both is often ideal, especially if you have children since a scattering ceremony can offer a certain amount of closure. Additionally, having an urn in your home can help your children and you feel that your beloved pet is always close by even though they are no longer present in living form.

Considering a mix of the above options is the best way to make sure that you and your family members feel you made the right decision as to how to memorialize your deeply loved furry family member. 

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Thank you for touching on this subject. It’s very important and to do what makes the family comfortable. I’ve been through this recently and it was the hardest thing I ever had to do too say good by to my best friend of 11 years. Miss her so much. THANK YOU again.

Roger Caron February 17, 2022

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